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Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research resources

POPLAR’s EDIIA in Research Webinar Series

The Primary Care Ontario Practice-based Learning and Research Network hosted a webinar series on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Indigeneity, and Accessibility in Research. This series is for anyone who wants to learn more about building these principles into their work. You can also view the series on the Alliance for Healthier Communities site.

Data Security 101

In this course, the data life cycle will be explained with the objectives of improving data management, ensure the protection of patients’ rights and privacy, and providing strategies to avoid potential security issues. The structure of the course follows the different steps of the data life cycle. This course was developed following a needs assessment study that was conducted with graduate students, researchers and the Réseau-1 Quebec. Learn more here.

Addressing patient partner concerns regarding the use of validated questionnaires in research

A PIHCI Network grant team recently published an article discussing mechanisms to address potential patient partner concerns regarding the use of validated questionnaires in research. See the October 2021 issue of Health Expectations: Reconciling validity and challenges of patient comfort and understanding: Guidelines to patient-oriented questionnaires (Catherine Hudon et al.).


Patient & Public Engagement Evaluation Toolkit

The research team of the Patient and Public Engagement Evaluation Toolkit project proposes to various health system stakeholders a wide range of tools to assist them in the evaluation of patient and public engagement initiatives, both in health research and in health care.

The Evaluation Toolkit is a resource designed for practitioners of the health sector, produced after the completion of a rigorous systematic review of patient and public engagement evaluation tools.


Réseau-1 Québec resources

These resources are listed in French but many resources are either in English or are bilingual.


Alberta SPOR PIHCI network resources

Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit Patient Engagement resource library:

This SUPPORT unit also has useful items like a Patient Oriented Research level of engagement tool:


BRIC NS network resources