2 May 2023 | 12-1 PM ET

In this interactive session, our Network EDI Specialists will facilitate conversations about our varying understandings of EDI, ways to support self-reflection, and doing meaningful EDI work in research. This session recognizes that teams and individuals start this work at different stages and have varying degrees of comfort with EDI. Come learn about EDI definitions in the context of primary care research, health equity impact assessment tools, the roles and scope of the EDI Working Group, and patient experiences of engaging with EDI work in primary care research.

Session Objectives:

  • Learn about EDI definitions and ways it has been taken up in primary care research  
  • Learn about health equity impact assessments and explore examples 
  • Learn about the role and scope of the CPCRN EDI Working Group 
  • Hear the patient experience of engaging with EDI work in primary care research 
  • Reflect on teams’ self-assessment of their EDI competencies, capacities, and gaps 


  • Charlene Ronquillo, RN, PhD, UBC Okanagan
  • Aisha Lofters, MD, PhD, Women’s College Hospital, St Michael’s Hospital, and University of Toronto
  • Jackie Hanson, patient-partner, CPCRN Patient Council
  • Ali Ben Charif, PhD, Scientific Consultant, CubecXpert

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