• Kimberly Fairman, Executive Director, Institute for Circumpolar Health Research
  • Shaneel Pathak, Patient Partner, Founder of Zamplo, a digital health social enterprise

Kimberly will present on a toolkit that has been developed to support Indigenous leadership and communities in the area of health data governance and the collection and use of Indigenous health data. This emerged out of the desire of communities to develop and use their own health data, and the unique considerations of doing research in the North.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of data sovereignty through supporting Northern Indigenous communities to build capacity and advance their own work in health and wellness data collection, use, and management;
  • Understanding why it is important to support integration of traditional knowledge into approaches to collecting, using, and managing data;
  • Become acquainted with the toolkit as a way to support Indigenous involvement in Health Data Governance

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