Several CPCRN project leads and representatives presented at the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) conference in San Fransisco between October 30 to November 3 and the Family Medicine Forum (FMF) in Montreal between November 8 and 11.

The CPCRN supports eight pan-Canadian projects that fall under three research pillars and a Primary Care Information System. You can learn more about those studies here. The conference presentations listed below are about these projects.

You can see NAPCRG’s complete list of poster presentations, oral presentations, workshops, as well as the signature breakfast here. You can find the list of FMF presentations here.

You can find two presentations about the Advanced Access project here:

You can find the Canadian Primary Care Information Network (CPIN): An infrastructure for SPOR PCN to learn together with our patients presentations here:

You can find the presentation about the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Patient Reported Indicator (OECD PaRIS) Survey here:

You can find the presentations about the PriCare project here:

You can find the Screening for Poverty And Related Social Determinants and Intervening to Improve Knowledge of and Links to Resources (SPARK) study presentation here:

You can find the presentations on the Structured Process Informed by Data, Evidence and Research (SPIDER) study here:

CPCRN-nodes and Practice-Based Research Networks, like Alliance for Healthier Communities, were also participating in NAPCRG. You can learn about their work on tools like EQ-5D and learning health systems below: