Values and Principles


Respect Members demonstrate respect and openness for others’ perspectives, needs and capabilities
Trust Members act in trustworthy ways and trust others’ motivation and commitment to building a pan-Canadian primary care research network
Communication Members engage in honest, open, timely, and constructive communication with one another
Empathy Members demonstrate empathy towards others in the group and are ‘slow to judge’


Inclusivity includes all partner groups (e.g., patients, clinicians, policymakers, scientists) in the decision-making process
Co-investment & cost-effectiveness prioritizes research for which matching funds are available and does not duplicate other SPOR efforts
Collaboration establishes a research agenda that reflects the priorities of multiple provinces/territories, and encourages cross-jurisdictional collaboration
Equity is committed to supporting equity and facilitates the redistribution of research funds across the country
Transparency decisions and decision-making processes are clearly and consistently communicated
Fiscal responsibility budgetary decision-making must reflect responsibility as it relates to fundraising and shortfalls
Sustainability building a sustainable network after the five-year grant to continue all of it its activities