In 2022, the Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations Network (PIHCIN) adopted a new name, the Canadian Primary Care Research Network (CPCRN). Stay tuned as we update this website to reflect the Network’s new vision and mission!

The PIHCI Network is a key CIHR initiative under the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research. The defining characteristic of the PIHCI Network was the establishment of a network in each jurisdiction that is governed through tripartite leadership, i.e. a shared governance approach that includes researchers, policy makers and health care providers, and that also ensures a meaningful voice for patients.

The networks are overseen by a Network Leadership Council and supported by a Network Coordinating Office. The oversight efforts have included the creation and development of a Patient Advisory Council, a Network Managers Committee, and several working committees with pan-Canadian representation that deal with governance, communications, performance reporting and sustainability.

Through the Network Leadership Council and Pan-Canadian Patient Advisory Council, the individual networks share processes, best practices and impact for this new research approach.