Practice-Based Research and Learning Networks

Primary care practice-based research and learning networks (PBRLN) play a crucial role in supporting clinical research.

These networks carry out studies ranging from exploring clinicians’ and patients’ experiences, working with communities, disease prevention and health promotion to randomized controlled trials. Electronic medical record (EMR) data represents an invaluable resource within each provincial network and across Canada, facilitating participant eligibility, supporting sample size calculations and enabling quality improvement, quasi-experimental and emulation studies.

There are PBRLNs located in each province and one across the territories, many of which are supported, in part, by the CPCRN. There are many networks that are established, while some are just forming. In addition to participating in research, many networks contribute de-identified EMR data to the pan-Canadian Primary Sentinel Surveillance Network. Together, these PBRLNs form the largest data repository of primary care EMR data in Canada. 


The Saskatchewan Network is dedicated to putting relational equity into practice. As a newer PBRLN, Saskatchewan practices will be engaged over time, in a variety of ways, to enhance primary care initiatives, centering the voices of patients and Indigenous communities in its processes.



Réseau-1 Québec/Réseau de Connaissances sur les Soins Primaires (site available in French only)

Member Networks include:


New Brunswick

The Centre for Research in Integrated Care (CRIC) is working to form its PBRLN.


Nova Scotia

Maritime Family Practice Research Network (MaRNet) is housed within BRIC-NS (Building Research for Integrated Primary Care).


Prince Edward Island

The Health Research Network is working to form its PBRLN.

Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador Primary Care Research, Implementation, and Evaluation (PRIME) Network (site under development)

Northwest Territories

The Territorial Primary Care Research Network operates out of the Institute for Circumpolar Health Research, and is working to form its PBRLN.