About the network

In 2022, the Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations Network (PIHCIN) adopted a new name, the Canadian Primary Care Research Network (CPCRN). Stay tuned as we update this website to reflect the Network’s new vision and mission!

The CPCRN is an established interdisciplinary and intersectoral network of people who collaborate on generating solution-focused innovations in primary health care (PHC) delivery.  

The CPCRN’s vision is to create a sustainable pan-Canadian PHC learning health systems platform supported by patient-oriented, practice based-research to improve patient and provider experiences in delivering and receiving care; population health; and health care expenditures. The Network’s mission is to establish and grow provincial and territorial practice-based research and learning networks (PBRLNs) and a PHC information system that will facilitate research to spread and scale innovations in PHC across the country.

The CPCRN’s objectives are to:  

  1. Build a primary health care (PHC) learning health systems platform across Canada based on a PHC information system and provincial/territorial practice-based research and learning networks (PBRLNs).
  2. Facilitate the reach and adaptation of successful patient-oriented primary and integrated care innovations.
  3. Generate and mobilize knowledge that informs and transforms practice, clinical care, and decision-making for better and more equitable health outcomes.
  4. Increase capacity among researchers, clinicians, decision-makers, patient partners, and Indigenous communities to develop and apply primary and integrated health care knowledge in practice.
  5. Nurture a highly coordinated, decentralized Network with a tetrapartite governance structure (patient partners, policymakers, clinicians and researchers).
  6. Create sustainable partnerships with financial partners, other SPOR funded networks/units, Indigenous communities/organizations and other like-minded entities.
  7. Provide support and opportunities for active engagement in PCRN activities for Indigenous people and other people marginalized in health care and research.